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Our range of smart cards are typically provided in a format the same as bank cards, but other formats such as SIMs, tags, and stickers are also available to suit the needs of your project.

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Smart cards are being used a lot more widely in today's working environmenbt than ever before. Initially they took the role of a replacement of magnetic stripes, which is still done, but with advances in technology more diverse applications are being used.

From data storage secure payment, access control, transport, and digital signing there is a card to be found for a project. Costs for cards are affected by the storage size, processing power, and security levels required. We are always happy to discuss you requirements so that you get the product you need.

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Memory cards offer a cost effective way into the smart card market with varying memory storage.
Contact smart cards are cryptographic cards such as identification and secure access cards.
Contactless smart cards are cards that communicate with the reader via radio frequencies (RF).
Contactless cards and tags opersting under the 125 kHz range. Including EM4100 products.
Contactless UHF Cards and Tags that operate at the 2.4 GHz frequency, typically called Active Tags.
Contactless UHF cards and tags operating at the 900 MHz frequency with long read range.
Dual interface allows communication via bith contact and contactless readers.