OTP (One Time Passwords) Subcategory

One Time Password (OTP), a secure authentication system, provides an extra layer of security for confidential data and information by requiring a six-digit password that is only valid for one login. This password, generated at a push of a button or every 30 seconds (depending on token type and server configuration), is provided to the customer by a hardware device or mobile app and is required in combination with a user name and PIN.

The OTP tokens provided on this site all conform to the OATH (The initiative for Open Authentication) open standard, offering more hardware choices, lower cost of ownership, and allow you to replace existing disparate and proprietary security systems whose complexity often leads to higher costs.

In contrast to static passwords, one-time passwords are not vulnerable to malicious users recording or obtaining the user name and password to access the resource. Without the proper combination of user name, PIN, and one-time password, no one can gain access to secured resources.

The tokens provided can be provisioned in all OATH based authentication services and the seeds can be supplied in CSV or PKSC formats.