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A wide range of contact and contactless readers, along with their associated accessories, to allow you to implement a smart card infrastructure.

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Smart card readers are the interface between the smartcard and the system that needs to use the information on the card. This information may just need to be read to identity the card or updated to record an activity. The environemtn in which the card is being used will determine the type of reader to use as it may need to be waterproof for outside, or have a base for easy card insertion.

Some readers will also read mutliple card type technologies, whereas others will just be able to read a single type of card, and others can be programmed to extract information from a fixed data location with a fixed key to speed up integration time.

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Contact smart card readers communicate between smart cards and a host such as a PC.
NFC and RFID smart card readers.
Useful accessories such as stands and cables to use with our range of readers.
Opening up smart card connectivity to mobile devices.
Security tokens for securing access to systems via FIDO and U2F standards.
The OTP tokens provided on this site all conform to the OATH open standard
No description.
Products that can be used in the Azure Active Directory for authentication and verification