ICE, Pet, Medical and Travel Cards Subcategory

ICE (In Case of Emergency) and Medical Cards

ICE (In Case of Emergency) and Medical cards are a card that carries important information about you. This card is carried with you so if you are in an emergency situation and unable to communicate for yourself, your card can be reviewed by first responders to ensure your medical needs are met. The second function of this type of card is that it carried contact details of the people you wish to be notified in an emergency.

Cards are supplied in different formats from a standard 54 x 86mm banking card sized durable PVC card, to key fobs so that you can carry them wherever you go for peace of mind.

The cards have been designed to best meet the demands required, with information printed in clear strong text for ease of reading. Perfect for anyone with a pre-exisitng medical condition, if you take part in stenuous activities such as running, involved in an accident, or just for peace of mind.

Travel Cards

Our travel cards have been designed to attach to items that, if you get seperated from enable a way for the finder contacting you. With the ability to add your own contact information, and images, you can personalise these cards to exact requirements. Plus with instructions in multiple language for the finder you should never need to worry again.