Gemalto IDClassic GCMemo


The ID Classic GCMemo (GemClub Memo) is a smart memory card that is easy to implement and allows the development of new applications and in-house personalisation. This smart card will provide your business with what you need in terms of data storage and has three levels of security with PIN protection. The GC Memo also meets T=0 protocols and is ISO 7816-4 compliant.

Product details

The unique selling point of the IDClassic GemClub Memo is that it is the first contact card to be more like a microprocessor and has the advantage is using the T=0 protocol. This protocol is well known by developers and doesn’t require any development of specific libraries or drivers. The card is compatible with PC/SC standard and allows for fast and secure application deployment. The GC Memo has many outstanding features and if your business is looking for this type of card for use in identity, loyalty programs or access control the IDClassic GC Memo smart card is first-class.

The previous part number for this card was HWP117269A

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Product ID: O1031658

Manufacturer: Gemalto

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Release Date: 2015-01-01

Color: White

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