Gemalto IDClassic GCMemo


  • Total memory size of 2 k bits (256 bytes) with secret code protection
  • Three applicative commands: Read / Update / Verify
  • Issuer area (126 bits) for data storage (loaded at personalization stage, cannot be changed)
  • 2 secure areas each containing, secret code, card transaction counter, and balance area
  • Communication protocol T=0 in accordance with the ISO 7816-3 standard

Product details

Clarista GemClub-Memo can be used for a variety of applications, such as Loyalty programs, Private electronic purses, Meter applications , Multi-application and Identity. The GemClub Memo is widely supported by terminal manufacturers and developers as it is a T=0 communication protocol that is used by most terminals and known worldwide.

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Product ID: O1031658

Manufacturer: Gemalto (Safenet)

Sku: O1031658

Release Date: 2015-01-01

Color: White

Height: 0.8 mm

Width: 86 mm

Depth: 54 mm

Weight: 5g

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