Feitian BioPass FIDO2 K27


  • USB- type A Biometric security Key
  • Fully Fido2 compliant
  • Red and Green LED
  • 160*180 pixel sensor

Product details

BioPass FIDO2 FEITIAN BioPass FIDO2 Security Key is built on FIDO2 specification which is issued and promoted by FIDO Alliance to drive and enable a real passwordless multi-factor authentication. For enterprises who use passwords today and have a shared PC environment, security keys for Windows Hello provide a more seamless way for employees to authenticate without entering a username or password.

To provide wider use cases, FEITIAN BioPass FIDO2 is also compatible with FIDO U2F for web applications like Google, Salesforce etc. Unlike passwords, using FEITIAN BioPass FIDO2 Security Key brings lower IT management costs, provides improved productivity, and enhanced security and privacy for both employees and employers.

Voltage Input Current Power FIDO U2F, FIDO2 ECDSA, SHA256, AES, HMAC, ECDH

Useful Information

For further information about this or any other product email info@identity2u.net, or give us a call on +44 (0)1242 588 599


Manufacturer: Feitian


Color: Black

Height: 50 mm

Width: 46 mm

Depth: 5 mm

Weight: 5g

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£ 44.95

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