Gemalto IDBridge CT40


  • ISO7816 PC/SC reader
  • Formerly known as: GemPC USB; Gemalto PC USB SL; Gemalto IDBridge CT40
  • IDBridge CT40
  • Sticky pad to attach to desk or monitor
  • Built in stand to ease access

Product details

The Gemalto IDBridge CT40 (formerly the GemPC USB-SL) from Gemalto is a compact smartcard reader with a slim line design providing a cost-effective and secure way to enhance smartcard applications such as computer access control, electronic commerce, home banking, electronic smartcard personalisation and smartcard application software development. Ergonomic and compact, the high-tech design of the GemPC USB-SL will fit in any end-user environment. The IDBridge CT40 supports ISO7816 Class A, B and C as well as ISO7816 TA1 parameters and is compatible with all major computers and operating systems. The IDBridge CT40 also comes with an integrated sticky pad and a flip-up stand for an angled position.

Useful Information

Further Product Information

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Product ID: HWP108841

Manufacturer: Gemalto (Safenet)

Sku: HWP108841

Release Date: 2015-01-01

Color: Grey

Height: 210 mm

Width: 90 mm

Depth: 30 mm

Weight: 126g

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