Gemalto GemPC Twin USB

Product Discontinued - Limited Stock Available


  • ISO7816 PC/SC reader
  • Removeable USB cable
  • Desktop stand accessory available
  • Serial Cable accessory available
  • Newer model is the CT30 with fixed cable

Product details

The Gemalto GemPC twin smart card reader with serial cable is a smart card peripheral for PCs which is easy to install and use. The smart card reader is designed for a variety of applications including secure computer access and is one of the most proven smart card readers for security, reliability and efficiency on the market today. If your business wants an industry certified serial smart card reader with a smart transparent design then the GemPC twin smart card driver is an intelligent smart card solution.

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Further Product Information

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Product ID: HWP108925

Manufacturer: Gemalto

Sku: HWP108765

Release Date: 2015-01-01

Color: Clear

Height: 210 mm

Width: 90 mm

Depth: 30 mm

Weight: 126g

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