Creating Cards

With our online personalisation service you can create identity cards by following these 4 simple steps:

  1. Pick the card template you want from our cards selection
    • From the main menu bar select Products -> CARDS. Products - Card menu
    • All available templates will be displayed and are listed in alphabetical order. Available templates
    • To search for a specific template type the template name in the search box. Template search
    • To view the template and the information associated with it, click on the image of the card or the view icon. If you want to go straight to editing a card click on the Add to Basket.
    • The template selection displays the fields available, whether the template is for single or double-sided, and cost of the template.
    • To find out more about card pricing you can visit our card pricing page.
  2. Personalise the card by entering text & uploading images.
    • Image types accepted are .jpg and .png
    • Once an image has been uploaded there is the ability to edit the image (zoom, rotate, crop).
    • Text will be automatically resized to fit the available space, so long titles will be shrunk, so no need to abbreviate information.
  3. Preview the card, which allows you to see exactly what you will receive.
    • To make sure the card will look how you expect an online preview is provided.
    • Both the face and reverse of the card will be shown, allowing you to see all of the information.
  4. Follow our easy checkout process.
    • If multiple copies are a card are required, this can be managed during the checkout process.
    • Sometimes you might not have all of the card holder information for all of the cards. This is OK as until the order is submitted you can add an delete records as required because they are secured against your login.
    • Delivery options available will also be chosen during the checkout stage. Typically this includes 2nd Class Royal Mail, 1st Class SignedFor, and Courier. These options can depend on the package size and delivery location.
    • For smaller organisations, and one-off orders, credit card payments are supported via Paypal (you won't need an account though)
    • For more regular on-going orders we provide prepay credits, and as orders are placed these credits are decremented. Only one invoice and payment to process for multiple card orders.